Top fitness brand with millions of members worldwide

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CrossFit, a fitness brand with millions of members worldwide, sought help increasing registrations for attendance of an annual competition. MAVAN was brought in just 60 days prior of the CrossFit games to create and execute a marketing plan with the express goal of increasing event registrations.


Paid Acquisition
Email Marketing

What we did:

  • Built a launch plan within two weeks
  • Built automated email series aimed at converting historical registrants and activating new registrants; developed audience segmentation to personalize communication
  • Launched registration-optimized paid media campaigns across social and search, including cold acquisition and retargeting
  • Built and A/B tested conversion-optimized landing pages over six week period to increase registrations
  • Monitored performance and provided baseline lift analysis on incrementality

Key performance metrics:

  • Achieved 125% of acquisition goal
  • 20% increase in CPA efficiency
  • Improved LTV:CAC > 3.0


  • Shifted growth from a flat line into a hockey-stick curve and was able to come from behind to hit target registration goals
  • Registrations were acquired at an Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV:CAC) greater than 3.0
  • Off of the back of this project,  MAVAN was subsequently tapped to lead the forward year strategic planning cycle, where we delivered a full growth plan to unlock scale through new marketing strategies and product features


Acquisition Goal
Increase in CPA Efficiency
Improved LTV:CAC