See how MAVAN delivers growth.

We offer a range of services, including data & analytics, experimentation, acquisition, lifecycle, and creative – all aimed at delivering sustainable, predictable growth at scale.

We examine every aspect of your business, identifying growth opportunities, and delivering bespoke, data-driven solutions.

What we do

Our curated network of experts bring critical growth strategies across five key areas:

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Performance Analytics

We use cutting-edge data technologies to make sure your organizational performance provides opportunities to accelerate growth. Our detailed reports empower you to make informed decisions and optimize your strategy across any level of granularity

Data Infrastructure

Our team establishes a robust data infrastructure that supports scalability and efficiency. Our engineers have built the data pipelines, data warehouses, and tech stacks of some of the world’s top apps and sites and will ensure you have a first class setup that is both efficient and built to last.


Free your team of analysis paralysis. Having felt the pain of poorly implemented tracking tools and models, we deploy the ideal attribution method and tech stack to ensure you are always operating with a consistent, reliable source of truth.

Incrementality & MMM

To evaluate the true impact of your marketing efforts, we employ advanced incrementality testing and marketing mix modeling. This allows us to optimize resource allocation and maximize ROI.

Predictive LTV & Churn

We leverage machine learning to predict customer lifetime value and churn rates, enabling more precise and proactive business strategies. Our insights help you focus on retaining high-value customers and reducing churn.

User Acquisition (mobile & web)

Leaders in performance marketing, we optimize active spending and testing to help you zero-in on high-quality customers. Experience enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness faster than ever

Viral and Referral Loops

We turn your customers into your most persuasive marketers. Learned at top gaming, fintech, and eCom companies, we use proven frameworks for viral and referral loops to ignite organic growth and establish powerful customer networks

Growth Strategy

We craft tailored, data-driven growth strategies that lean on proven methodologies honed from some of the world’s fastest growing companies. We take a structured, holistic approach that prioritizes resources and drives predictable growth for your business.

Content, Social & SEO

We strategically employ content, social media, and SEO to organically grow your audience, fostering engagement and loyalty. We generate meaningful impact and insights with our tailored content creators, advanced SEO techniques, and precise analytics

Funnel A/B Testing

We fine-tune every step of your user journey using strategic funnel A/B testing. We identify opportunities, drive conversions, and ensure your marketing funnel is as efficient
and effective as possible

Website Design and Development

We create a digital presence that truly reflects your brand using a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality. Our team excels in creating intuitive, attractive websites designed to engage your audience and drive action

Personalized Landing Pages

Our personalization strategies ensure that your first impression counts. We craft tailored landing pages that resonate with your audience, enhance user experience, and are guaranteed to boost conversions.

Website Analytics

We turn website data into actionable insights. Through comprehensive website analytics, we deliver a deep understanding of user behavior and preferences, enabling smarter, data-driven decision-making to fuel growth.

Automated Lifecycle (email, push, SMS)

We streamline your customer communications with dynamic lifecycle programs that leverage email, push notifications, and SMS. Our automated systems ensure timely, personalized messaging that significantly boosts engagement

CRM/ESP Selection

We guide you in choosing the right CRM/ESP messaging that aligns with your business needs. Our industry expertise will help you avoid the headache of picking the wrong platform and focus on building for growth.

Advanced Segmentation

Our sophisticated segmentation processes allow us to deliver personalized campaigns that resonate with your audience and drive user action

Loyalty Programs

Strengthen customer relationships and inspire repeat business with our compelling loyalty programs. Our data-focused approach ensures programs are rewarding for both your customers and your bottom line

Brand Identity

We create and execute compelling, memorable, and impactful brand identities and strategies that resonate with your audience and align with your vision. Our insightful creative approach ensures your brand stands out and drives growth.

Ad Creative

Our award-winning creative team ideates, designs, and executes captivating ad content that gets attention, and results. Our innovative concepts will help your brand communicate its message effectively across all platforms and media.


We craft intuitive UI/UX designs that simplify the user journey and make each interaction smooth and rewarding. Our data-informed designs enhance the user experience, encourage engagement, and promote conversions.

Copywriting & Scripting

Our expert copywriters embody your brand’s personality to deliver engaging, persuasive content that both entertains and converts. Whether it’s a clever headline in a static ad, a long-form blog post, or a tactical offer at the top of your homepage, our copywriters connect with your audience and drive growth at every touchpoint.

How we do it

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We start by examining your business to identify growth opportunities that align with your goals.

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We assemble the right team, equipped with the relevant expertise to solve your unique growth challenges.

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We build a 90-day roadmap, execute, and keep track of key performance indicators to measure impact.

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We analyze results, identify learnings, and keep iterating until your growth system is humming.

Get support from a team of experts who helped grow: