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Success starts
with who, not what.

Ideas are worthless without the talent and resources to develop them properly. We got tired of seeing startups fail because they didn't have the time to find or money to afford the “who” they needed. Mavan is the “who” behind the “how”.

We can plug into any
partnership effectively

The right people...

Unfortunately, the best people don’t all live near your office. We’ve partnered with the brightest minds we’ve met over the last 15 years across the globe. There is no B-team.

...with the right skills...

We tap the best people in our network for every given problem, and when we don’t have a rockstar in a specific seat we use one of our own to find us one. If we can’t find one fast, we don’t take on the project until we have. the right time.

Our unique model allows us to bring you the right talent at the right time for the right AMOUNT of time. You end up getting exactly the amount of work you need from the best person to be handling it.

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Top talent isn’t enough.
How matters, too.

When you start building a team around a single idea, you’re limiting yourself. Why? Because great ideas require great people to bring them to market successfully. Start-ups with great ideas are traditionally forced to hire 5 generalists because they can’t afford to hire 15 specialists, but they need those specialists. Mavan starts by innovating around the “who” instead of building out from the “what.” With 100+ qualified minds ready to activate efficiently for every project, you benefit from the right people at the right time, instead of relying on one specialist within your budget. Whether you need a generalist or a specialist, today or tomorrow, Mavan has the right people, at the right time, so you and your ideas can soar.

With risk comes reward

We build lasting partnerships through aligning incentives. We share the risk so that we can participate in the rewards together. We only win when our clients win.

Seek the truth. Speak the truth.

We strive to become an idea meritocracy. Titles, time in role, and experience are put aside in pursuit of the best answer. True feedback is encouraged and rewarded.

Smart people are everywhere

We believe top talent comes from diverse backgrounds and locations. Our operating model is designed to leverage the smartest people we know across the United States and the world.

Mavan is a direct expression of our values







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The best ideas comes to life
when great minds get together.

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