Banking platform that gives truckers financial freedom and flexibility

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Outgo, a fintech provider offering an all-in-one banking platform for freight carriers, sought a partner to help increase acquisitions to their newly-launched app. With a seemingly complex solution to the complicated problem of banking catered to trucking carriers, OutGo needed a creative approach that simplified their story and encouraged registration.


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What we did:

  • Led creative concepting and value proposition testing to determine optimal storytelling approach
  • Built a new paid media launch plan from the ground up, focused on improving qualified audience targeting and conversion to reduce the cost of acquisition
  • Launched paid media campaigns optimized for qualified leads across social and search channels
  • Developed several new cold outreach email campaigns optimized for lead generation through multivariate testing

Key performance metrics:

  • 25% increase in conversion
  • Lifecycle campaigns drove 122% Open rate increase, and 58% Click rate increase
  • 49% reduction in Facebook media CPL
  • ~80% decrease in Google Paid Media CAC


  • MAVAN leveraged SEO to make OutGo first Google result when searching relevant terms
  • By optimizing the landing page, developing performance-driven creative concepts, and revising audience targeting strategy, the MAVAN team generated more qualified leads while substantially reducing CPL and CAC


Increase in
Email open rate
+ 58% CTR
Reduction in
Decrease in
Google CAC