Uniform Teeth

Customer Personalization

Specialists that prescribe tech-enabled orthodontic treatments

Uniform Teeth, a tech company offering affordable, modern orthodontic care, was experiencing a drop in conversions due to their current sales system. The company sought a partner to help upgrade their lifecycle management system to include segmentation and personalization, as well as eliminate their reliance on manually managing current leads using Google Sheets.


Key Performance Metrics


Increase in lifecycle attributed sales


Increase in lead database

What we did:

  • Migrated their system into a modern CRM platform with complete functionality 
  • Identified segmentation and lead approaches by stage
  • Grouped types of leads for personalization and sales efficiency
  • Created automated sequences to develop consistency in follow-ups task-oriented
  • Streamlined task oriented processes 
  • Developed a reporting system for efficiency


  • Management of over $3.7M in active leads at an average of 6K leads (rolling 90 days)
  • Ability to hit sales goals of $120K per month
  • Enabled identification of leads by stage for predicted revenue and promotions
  • Increased responsiveness from leads through personalization and segmentation

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