We’re entrepreneurs too.

We remove the financial risk from building world-changing startups.

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What makes us different?


We connect great ideas to great people. 

Tapping into our network of top talent who’ve helped shape the last 20 years of tech, we connect creators to the experienced teams they need to turn unique insights into growing startups.

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We allow entrepreneurs to work the way they want.

We don’t tether founders as CEOs. If they’re full-time elsewhere, they can stay that way. If they want to make the leap, we’re the springboard.

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We reward people for taking risks.

We value our people and make sure they get paid even if a concept doesn’t scale. Some startups fail, but the ones that succeed are always backed by great talent. We build, iterate, learn, and grow together.

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unstoppable teams
Collaboratively build
and test their ideas
Attract world-
class talent
Grow winners into
profitable startups
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Studio Projects

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All-in-one calendar tool invented to eliminate bad meetings.
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Connecting homeowners to handymen for DIY help.

What we believe.


Share equity.

Reward people doing career-defining work with career-defining cash distributions. No waiting four years to vest.

Don’t limit people.

Great people can meaningfully grow many businesses at once. We encourage talent to follow their interests and flexibly contribute to many projects.

Bet on intuition.

To see if an idea works, you have to put money behind. We invest in our people and their ideas.

Reward impact.

Our pay structure isn’t built on one-size-fits-all charts. People do work, not titles. Those who do great work are paid more for it.

Talent breaks borders.

We’ve built our operating model to leverage the best talent, no matter where they’re located.

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