Matt Widdoes and Joshua Lu, one of the mobile gaming minds behind hits like Words With Friends, discuss the evolution of the mobile experience, mobile business growth insights, and strategies for mobile gaming virality. Josh, a partner at a16z Games and GM of SPEEDRUN, shares insights from his current positions and past experiences at Zynga and Blizzard. Matt and Josh get into how to foster effective team collaboration, construct successful viral game launch strategies, and where mobile gaming is headed in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Unified Goals in Cross-functional Collaboration: How to set shared goals across teams that maximize impact and engagement
  • Teaching and Understanding Different Functions:  Why mutual understanding among team members is essential for collective success
  • AI in Gaming: Explore the evolving role of AI in reducing production costs and enhancing user experience
  • Startup Team Building: Understanding critical investment factors in early-stage gaming startups
  • The Future of Mobile Gaming: Inside the continued potential for innovation in the mobile gaming market.

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