On the latest episode of Growth@Scale, we explore digital marketing, user acquisition innovation, and the world of wine with Andrew Allison, CEO of Libation Labs. Andrew shares his eclectic entrepreneurial journey, from his time in app development and M&A to founding Libation Labs, a digital platform revolutionizing the wine tasting experience. We talk about how to innovate and strategize for user acquisition, the importance of understanding customer personas, and the experience of buying and selling a hot air balloon business along the way. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How Libation Labs utilizes performance marketing to assist wineries in acquiring customers
  • How strategic acquisition of a hot air balloon company helps Libation Labs target high-quality consumers
  • Why emphasizing intuitive customer onboarding is crucial for success in a post-iOS 14 world
  • Creating a clear, scalable business model presentation for effective fundraising 
  • Conducting successful customer interviews that focus on customer choices rather than product features

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