In this episode of Growth@Scale, Matt sits down with enterprise sales and customer success expert Kevin Kinnison to explore how the sales funnel fits into the larger context of growing your business. 📈

Listen to the whole episode and get insights on:

Early-Stage Fundamentals

  • Know and understand your infrastructure from the jump
  • Think ahead: Always record and document everything for historical context
  • Focus on CRM and tracking to know where you’re at

🔍 Finding the Right Hire

  • What to keep in mind when searching for a highly-adaptable, relationship and team-oriented salesperson to join your team
  • How to zero in on the right candidate who can meet you where you are today and align with your needs tomorrow

🔑 Keys to a Successful Sales Strategy

  • Sales success requires a holistic approach from the whole team… it’s not only about sales
  • Mutual Motivation + Quality Relationships = Sales Success
  • Networking matters Get to know your industry and the people in it)

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