On this week’s episode of Growth@Scale we go all in on brand. Matt sits down with Doug Thielen, Chief Marketing Officer, Outdoor and Lifestyle, for a talk about what it takes to build meaningful, memorable brands. 

Some highlights from the episode:

Four Pillars of Successful Brands: Culture, Community, Content, and Commerce. Learn how they interconnect for brand impact.

Brand Foundation: Importance of a simple, clear foundation for internal decision-making and brand consistency.

Creative Consistency: Ensuring brand and creative alignment across all teams and channels for a unified customer experience.

Redefining Brands: Strategies for evolving established brands through curiosity and cross-team coordination.

Brand Values in Action: REI’s #OptOutside campaign highlight the impact of true brand values.

Niche Brand Experiences: The role of exclusive and memorable experiences in brand building, with examples like Red Bull.

Brand Building Advice: Practical tips for distilling brand mission, translating it internally, and aligning cross-functional strategies.

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