Working in user acquisition can feel like you’re trying to navigate an ever-changing maze. One common pitfall is to adopt a one-size-fits-all solution for your marketing strategy. In the latest episode of Growth@Scale, Matt Widdoes talks about adapting user acquisition strategies to a changing landscape with Ed Lee, a growth expert formerly at Digit. 

Just because a campaign crushes it in one market, or on a certain operating system, that doesn’t mean it will work everywhere. Every audience is different and your approach should be, too. 

Post IDFA, a lot has changed and it seems like we’re returning to an age of brand building. This is because we’re currently in a world where trying to figure out who your users are is like solving a Rubik’s cube. Having a solid, trustworthy brand can be a game changer, so it’s okay to go a little old school with your marketing tactics. 

When it comes to algorithms, we can all agree that they’re a handy, useful tool, but by no means should they be handling all the work. It’s important to stay hands-on, especially when it comes to campaign design. Creativity and the human touch can outshine any algorithm, helping you reach new users without breaking the bank. 

In our digital age, don’t forget the human factor. Marrying traditional marketing wisdom with modern user acquisition strategies is always a recipe for success.

Listen now or read the transcript.

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