On the latest episode of Growth@Scale, product and growth expert Ed Lee returns to talk about turning creative failures into learning opportunities and how to use cross-functional collaboration to unlock growth. 

Some of the main topics discussed include:

Focused Growth Strategies: Instead of trying to be everything to everyone, successful User Acquisition strategies involve targeting your core audience where they are and speaking to them in a way that resonates. 

Experimentation and Learning: The foundation of growth, especially for early-stage companies, is experimentation; success often means poring over creative failures to glean new learnings to leverage into future success. 

Cross-Functional Collaboration: From creative and design, to data analytics, product, and sales, collaboration among different teams is a valuable way to share knowledge and innovate new strategies based on different experiences with the customer journey. 

Integration of Product and Marketing: Both product-driven and marketing-driven approaches are essential and should be integrated, with successful companies leveraging strategies that unite both elements.

Budgeting for Growth: Decisions about spending on growth channels are based on data-driven test plans, with phased approaches and checkpoints to ensure money is spent wisely.

Building a Strong Creative Team: Building an effective creative team is a complex process that doesn’t stop at just hiring the best talent. You also need to establish effective test structures so you can get adequate learnings from every creative. 

Creative Optimization: Dissect what works, understand the components of successful creatives, and iterate based on those insights. Sometimes you’ll see significant impact from something as simple as adjusting copy. 

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